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Sister Cities Mountain Range Splatter

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Sister Cities Mountain Range Splatter Book/Vinyl Exclusive Variant
13x13" Hardcover Book that includes the full 'Sister Cities' LP
Pressing Limit 2,500

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Instant Track "Sister Cities" & "Pyramids Of Salt" sent at the time of purchase

Sister Cities Passport Book
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LP Track Listing:
Side A
1. Raining in Kyoto
2. Pyramids of Salt
3. It Must Get Lonely
4. Sister Cities
5. Flowers Where Your Face Should Be

Side B
1. Heaven's Gate (Sad & Sober)
2. We Look Like Lightning
3. The Ghosts of Right Now
4. When the Blue Finally Came
5. The Orange Grove
6. The Ocean Grew Hands to Hold Me

Album Release Date is April 6th 2018

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